I have 3 sisters, 2 older and 1 younger.  We are all about 2 years apart and I am so lucky to have them.  We may not all be as close as we were but we always have each other, no matter what.  I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to have an only child.  I always wanted to have 3 kids.  I wanted them to have someone.  There is nothing wrong with being an only child, Dan is one and he is perfect.  I just know how much I had that he didn’t with having siblings.  I had a punching bag, best friend, shoulder to cry on, protector, etc.  It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows and we fought all the time, we still do as adults.  But if something happens, we always know who to call, even if we aren’t talking at the moment.  It’s amazing to have that.


Now my daughters are 16 months apart (not on purpose lol).  They fight ALL the time.  It seems like it’s never ending.  “Mom sissy won’t give me the juice”, “Mom sissy has my blankie”, “Mom sissy bit me”, etc.  Sometimes I think they are going to kill each other, and I know now how my mom must have felt.  And with 4 of us I can’t imagine.  But as much as they fight, I see that bond that my sisters and I have.  One day, the baby fell and was walking over to me crying.  Alyssa was still lying in bed and she came running out screaming at me for hurting her sissy.  I explained to her that sissy fell and why would I ever hurt her and she was just like “okay” and went back to bed.  She was protecting her.  Even though maybe Katherine had stolen her toy yesterday, or woken her up.  She didn’t care, because that’s her little sister.  When Alyssa falls, Katherine is always there to try to help her back up and to comfort her when she’s sad.


They love playing with each other.  They can just go and play in the room for ever (with a little fighting) and they are so happy.  Katherine copies everything Alyssa does.  We are once again introducing potty training to Alyssa who is so fickle about it.  Every time Alyssa goes on the potty, Katherine will take off her pants and diaper and sit on it as well.  She doesn’t ever go nor really know that that is what she is doing, but whatever Alyssa does, so does Katherine.  She just follows her around.  Plus, Alyssa can have a conversation with Katherine even though she doesn’t speak too much yet.  It’s so funny to watch them communicate.


I am so thankful that they have a sister and brother to grow up with.  Although right now Sean doesn’t like having much to do with them since he’s so much older, it is wonderful.  He is the ultimate protector and will always be there.  No matter what happens in life, my children will never be alone and I am so happy about that.  I am so glad that I can give them what I had.