Now, unless God has a very sick sense of humor (totally possible), or we win the lottery (definitely not possible) , we are finished having kids. 3 is plenty for us.  They are perfect and we don’t need anymore.  So, my youngest definitely has the “baby-of-the-family syndrome”.  She is first off a complete brute.  She beats everyone up.  I guess that comes with the territory of being the littlest and having to defend yourself.  But she is a little spoiled and I hate to admit it.  She still gets disciplined and doesn’t like it, but I can say we let a bit more slide with her.


Now it’s her 2nd birthday.  Which means it’s the last second birthday we will ever have! *tear*.  We do not do anything extravagant for birthdays; we just have a nice dinner and dessert with family.  I want to be able to spend the time with them, plus the girls are still pretty young.  We always buy some decorations, balloons, and I make a nice dinner and birthday cake (which is different every time). It’s nice, simple and intimate.  Just how we like it.


So we were shopping the other day and I bought a few extra things.  Everytime Dan would say something I would just make a sad face and cry that this is the last 2nd birthday ever.  Is it too much? No, it’s like 3 more things than I usually buy.  Not to mention the older kids have a shared birthday since they are one day apart 11 days before Christmas.  So we just have 1 party for them.  But she’s my crazy little baby.  And I don’t know if it’s more for her or for me.  I can’t believe that this is the last 2nd birthday.  It’s very depressing.  Every time she has a first I cry because for me it’s also a last.  And while I love every new stride she makes, I just wish she would stop.  Is it selfish? Yeah, probably.  Do I care? Nope.  I will keep wishing for her to not grow up because then I will never have it again.  No more first steps.  No more first word.  No more first bad boo boo.  Soon I won’t get my snuggles, my constant love because they will all be grown.  My babies… no one tells you how amazing yet awful it is with your last child.  She’s just the princess and always will be.