I love animals. Like in every way. They are awesome. Dogs are definitely man’s (and woman’s) best friend! We live with my future mother-in-law and she has her dog, Spike. I love him he’s such a cutie. He was rescued from Hurricane Katrina so he’s a bit of an old man and he HATES rain! But he’s so funny and lazy.


Then there’s our new dog, Nova. She’s a baby about 1 year old. She is such a sweetheart. She is super energetic and loves playing. We weren’t planning on getting a new dog, but when we went into the rescue we saw her and knew that she was ours.


She’s definitely a momma’s girl!

Now Spike hates Nova. He’s an old man, not very active, and not very accepting of new animals. He warms up, and has begun warming up, but there have been a couple fights between then. Nova always comes out on top, because she is so much taller than him. But luckily it has only been over toys and food. Spike hates sharing.


Here’s what I love: Nova is super protective. Like if we are playing with the girls, she comes to their defense. If Dan and I play fight, she jumps on him to get him away from me. We were all walking the other day, and two chihuahua’s came running out of their home with their owners hot on their tails. Nova loves other dogs so she was trying to play with this dog that is like 1/16th of her size. My son was walking Spike and the second dog started going after him. As I said before, Spike hates other dogs and this one was really rough. Nova saw this and went absolutely insane. If I didn’t have such a good hold on her she would have eaten that dog. She was protecting this little brat who hates her. Because she loves him. And wants him safe. And it warmed my heart.

Now, Nova is part Siberian Husky (http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/siberian-husky/), part German Shepard (http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/german-shepherd-dog/) and the vet also sees a little Doberman Pinscher (http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/doberman-pinscher/) in her. So she is extremely loyal and fearless and wonderful. I couldn’t imagine a better addition to our family than her. She is definitely our best friend and Spike is finally warming up to her! We love our walks. She completed our family when we didn’t even know it was incomplete!


I always recommend rescuing a dog, not buying one from a pet store. Rescuing is so much better!!! They need a loving home. Most pet stores euthanize and use puppy mills. Also know that dogs aren’t just fun, they take a lot of work and many years. But they are years filled with love, joy and happiness. Here’s a great site to check out for information: