You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I tend to disagree. For me, and I think a fair amount of moms, coffee is my best friend. If I don’t have at least 2 cups in the morning I feel completely dead and like I can’t accomplish anything. But once I get those two cups, I feel like superwoman and that I can accomplish anything.


Suddenly, the world is clear. I have to scrub down the baseboards because who ever actually thinks to do that? Next is the wall to match the baseboard. Then I’m all out of steam… time to brew another cup.

Yes! Now I have the energy to do everything else that is piling up, sweep, mop, etc. Now some mornings I just am not in the mood for coffee. Those days are super un productive. I’m lucky to get the kids off to school and pick them back up in time.


Coffee is especially important if you had one too many glasses of wine last night. You wake up with a terrible headache, grumpy and miserable. The only thing that gets me through one of those days is a ton of coffee. And really greasy foods… yummy. And this blog even tells you the best wine based on your coffee preference:

Now I keep seeing this coffee art. It is so awesome and I wish I could manage to do that! I love how they can draw and write things in the foam. It is so cool and probably very time consuming. I have never been to a place that does things like that… I typically just hit up Dunkin Donuts for a coffee while I’m out. But I have to say, I would love to find somewhere that draws things in the foam because it is just too cool.



Okay, now it’s time for another cup for me!