My 3 y/o is so sassy and gets worse every day. It’s hard to discipline her sometimes because all you can do is laugh at how adorably sassy she is. Like the other day, I went in the room and noticed the back door was open. All the kids were thankfully in the house, but the dog had gotten out. I asked her what happened and she said “Daddy left it open.” So when I found the dog, he went in and asked her if she opened the door. She then put her hand on her hip, closed her eyes and shook her head and body while saying “No you open door daddy to let Sean in you always open door to let Sean in and NEVER close”. I mean what exactly do you say to that sass?


I love the sass. And the attitude. It’s just so adorable. It isn’t easy to deal with but she’s so cute. And rude at times. But still incredibly cute, and that is my very biased opinion.

Her favorite thing to say is “I don’t care!” You say almost anything to her, and that’s her response. Which is infuriating. Yet adorable.

She had a speech delay so she also had a sass delay. But with the speaking came the sass and attitude. Some days I want to rip my hair out, and others all I do is laugh.