Do you ever feel like it will never end? No matter what you will never even get a moment to yourself without having to worry about anything? No dishes, no laundry, no messes. No shopping, no organizing, no fighting, etc. It’s like every time I feel like I can breathe, everything comes crashing down. Finally got all the laundry in the house washed, dried and folded! Crash! Great the 2 y/o just pulled out all the pots and pans to give her more room to play with the Tupperware. Just got all the dishes done and now they found a bag of goldfish and are running around spilling them all over the house. It never ends.

Sometimes you just wonder about how clean it would be if they were not little monsters. How you wouldn’t be wiping off mini handprints from the glass slider, again. Or how you wouldn’t be constantly scrubbing the bathroom sink because for some reason the 8 y/o thinks that toothpaste is paint that should be spread all over not only the sink but the mirror and walls also. Anything he can do so that he can trick us into thinking he did brush his teeth (which he didn’t, again, and it’s time for another fight).

I love my kids. With all my heart and soul. But I do not love the messes, the clutter, the disorganization! There is always something that isn’t how it should be that makes me anxious. And I’m trying to let some of it go and enjoy them more… but it’s hard. The anxiety kills me but I am getting better. I can usually let the mess go until naptime and bed time. And I always have that time to clean! Yet no matter how much I clean, I am always so far behind and there is always a hundred more things to do.