So I have come to find that while my children are hard to handle, my soon-to-be husband is harder. Maybe it’s that old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel that you should be raising him since you didn’t birth him. Either way it always seems that he is your biggest, neediest child. Here are my top 5 reasons why he is just like my children:

  1. He is very untidy-When you have kids, you expect the messes. You teach them to clean up after themselves, and by around age 2 they start to get it (whether they do it is another ball game). Yet here is a grown man who can’t even figure out how to put his dirty socks in the hamper, or how to soak his bowl from his disgusting ice cream sundae. Ugh
  2. He doesn’t listen-Every Monday night we bring the garbage to the curb. Simple. So why is it every Monday I have to nag him all day/night to remind him to take the garbage out. And he gets angry, grunting and telling me he will of course. Then we get into bed and I ask if he took the garbage up. Then comes the “oh sh-t” and he has to get up and put his clothes on to go drag the garbage up. If he had only listened the first dozen times…
  3. He never closes anything-Now I don’t know if this is just my fiancé, but he doesn’t seem to understand how cabinets work. If I wake up in the middle of the night and need some water, I have to walk through the kitchen with my hand raised in front of my head to avoid a concussion. He never closes the cabinet doors, microwave door, drawers, anything! Even my 3 y/o goes up to the microwave when it’s open, glares at him and slams it closed. How hard is it to close a cabinet door?!?!?!
  4. His eating habits-Now, when I say he is a disgusting eater it is in no way an exaggeration. He will eat a plate full of food in less than 2 minutes, and most of it will end up in his beard and on his clothes. As I’m trying to teach the children manners and proper eating techniques he is sitting next to me eating like an animal.
  5. He is an adult-I did not give birth to him. I did not sign up for a fully grown 4th Sometimes I just feel like he’s more work than the babies because he is an adult and should know better. Maybe he just likes that feeling of being taken care of. Or maybe he just never wants to grow up. He just wants to play video games all day and make messes. Who knows?

Now I’m not saying all men are like this, but I know a lot of women can relate to this. While he may be a big man child, he’s mine. I chose him and would choose him all over again even knowing all I know now. He is an amazing father to my children and a very doting soon-to-be husband. I do wish he was more of an adult, but hey what’s one more kid?